The Problem


People become homeless for many different reasons:

  • the breakdown of a relationship,
  • the loss of a job,
  • escaping from domestic violence,
  • mental illness,
  • release from the care system,
  • release from prison with no support,
  • the death of a partner or parent

to name but a few. Homelessness can happen to almost anyone.

Many of us are just a month’s wage away from being able to pay the rent or mortgage. Any one set-back could cause things to fall apart. Anyone faced with a series of mishaps can find their lives unraveling.

On top of this, the stock of affordable housing is dwindling and the property market in Thanet is seeing the rents go prohibitively high for many people. With cuts to benefits and social housing, more and more people are becoming homeless.

The causes of homelessness have changed over the last few years. When people turn to the council for help, they are increasingly citing an end to their private tenancy as the cause. After a short-lease on a property has ended, or the landlord asks for his property back, the individual or family must leave. The lack of alternative affordable housing options is at the heart of much of the rise in homelessness across the UK, but especially in Thanet.

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